SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the highest returning investments any business, needing to reach a client base on the web, can make. It’s important for the following reasons:

search engine optimisation

It makes your website relevant and authoritative in google so that you rank highly.

Covering promotional activity and marketing strategy it raises your company profile.

Our keyword research ensures your content is the best it can be for maximum impact.

Our Service


At Surfing Penguin, we work with you, on a 1-2-1 basis, so we can fully assess your SEO needs.

Our service is transparent with no hidden extras so you can be confident with the costing we give you.

We support business in all areas of online marketing, advertising and promotion from designing and building a highly-ranked website, complete SEO activity daily through to PPC (pay per click) designed to reach a target audience, quickly.

Our belief is that having a targeted, controlled and managed online presence is paramount to any business, not just to boost traffic but to encourage sales and business development through getting the right traffic.


Free SEO Report:

Looking For More Information?

For a more detailed understanding of how to improve the SEO on your website, we’re happy to send a Surfing Penguin representative to spend a complimentary one-hour SEO consultation with you. During this time, you’ll find out what the report means for your business, how to act on the information provided and some further SEO strategies you could use yourself. Also find out more about the services we offer.

Speak to one of our advisors so we can suggest the best course of action in getting your website SEO up to speed.


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