Ecommerce Design Trends To Stand Out

E-commerce shoppers want something new every day, your website can easily become outdated. It’s important to stay ahead of the game with the latest e-commerce web design and stay ahead of your competition.


Mobile Friendly

Mobile devices are a major source of website traffic and if your e-commerce website isn’t simple to navigate and shop, you could be missing out on many potential customers. An interesting trend I’ve seen is a thumb navigation bar on mobiles. As most people hold their phone vertically while browsing the Internet. The navigation bar is positioned at the bottom of the screen instead of the top, making it more thumb friendly and easier to find products and add to cart. It’s a little thing but can make a big difference.



Microinteractions can add a little something extra to your website and improve a shopper’s overall experience. Sometimes you barely even notice microinteractions but this is when a website interacts with the user in a minor way. These are hover animations, sound effects, confirmation messages. A good example of this is the Facebook Like button. It just helps bring your website together and improves the user experience in a subtle way.



AI and machine learning have come a long way and now chatbots are worth considering for your website. Chatbots will help enhance interaction between you and your customers as they can provide shoppers assistance and answer common questions 24/7. It’s simple and convenient for shoppers as texting comes more natural than picking up a phone.


Asymmetrical Layout

Most website stick to a structured and symmetrical look but if you set yourself apart and go for a “broken” asymmetrical layout, it could help you stand out. Most e-commerce website stick to the organised rows and columns, listing all their products. Your website can be more edgy and exciting by changing things up with an asymmetrical layout.