Check Your Passwords

Many attacks happen because passwords used are too simple. Your username and password is a hacker’s opening into your business. They use a variety of techniques such as key-logging and brute-force. It’s important you have an effective password strategy to reduce these attacks. It’s important you use a strong password that uses numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters and symbols. You should also change your own password on a monthly basis. It seems like a lot but the increased security you have will be worth it and if you did get hacked you’ll be wishing you just updated your password.


Keep Software Up To Date 

It’s important to keep all software up to date to keep your site secure and avoid hackers from finding security holes in outdated software. WordPress can keep all software updated automatically and will notify you when updates are available so it can be updated and secure as quick as possible.



Secure your site with HTTPS. This is an internet communication protocol providing security over the Internet. If you see a little padlock in the address bar of your web browser then the website has HTTPS and is secure and all data sending or receiving is encrypted on that site. Nobody can intercept or change the content they’re seeing.


Security Aware 

Attacks can happen from within if you’re not careful or unaware of certain types of attacks such as phishing and Trojans. Social engineering has become increasing popular. This is when someone is manipulated and tricked into giving the hacker sensitive information such as passwords or bank details by posing as a technical support person for example.

 This tactic has become a popular tactic to hackers as it’s easier to exploit someone’s naturals tendencies to trust than finding ways to bypass software. Always be aware and on your guard when you’re about to give out sensitive information, spot the signs and if something seems suspicious it probably is.